20. dubna 2014 v 10:05 | Veronica
Ahoj všichni, napsala jsem krátkou anglickou povídku, třeba se vám bude líbit.

The atmosphere was calm. I knew that I must do it, but I didn't want to. After all he was still my friend. No! He couldn't be with me any longer! (Actually, I didn't know what I was doing) I started to act, with a little bottle of whiskey in my hand, wanted to burn his house and him. His dog went in with me. Nobody was downstairs, I had to go upstairs. And there he was. His poorness itself. Lying on the couch. Wait.. I couldn't hear anything. He.. He was dead! I checked the pulse. Really. And then it happend. Someone was behind me. He had a gun. I died. I died, because I wanted to kill somebody. That's my punishment.

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